Campus Rides! “My Car takes more of my Time than my Girl, ” Kelvin Simbaufoo

We have been used to getting insights from Tanzanian students about their cars right! Well…we decided to take it up a notch abit.

We got a chance of wondering if the old saying “Old is Gold” is really practical with our today’s Tanzanian dude who is currently studying in Kenya.

Meet Kelvin Simbaufoo a second year student from Catholic University of Eastern Africa whose currently studying Development Planning. He got to share with us the following info pertaining his car.

What car make and model do you drive?

I drive a Landrover TDI.

Why did you decide to go for a Landrover? TDI and not any other modern car? (I couldn’t stand but ask)

Well, that’s because its economical, comfortable, it has a full time 4WD and its actually environmental friendly. (smh)

So what makes your car so special to you

Well…its an oldie, so it gives me that grown up or rather matured feeling (smiles)

What part of your car do you like?

I really like my cars’ engine. It roars like a monster (seems like a tough guy)

What part of your car don’t you like?

My dashboard is really a big mess, it really gives me the creeps while in it. (Laughs)

Do you think your car really suits your personality?

Yeah it does…it shows who I really am.

Between your girl and your car, what takes most of your time?

No lie… my car really takes most of my time but my girl would still be my girl.

If a girl asks for you’re to go for a drive, would you be of any help?

Mmh depends, coz kuna ambao by looking tu, unajua huyu hawezi kusukuma hii chombo so ntaangalia ni yupi wa kumpa.

Dream car maybe?

I would still stick with off-road cars so ill go for a Toyota Landcruiser.

Well, there you have it folks, you can share with us if you really think that Old is Gold or rather Cold as you hook up with our today’s guest …

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