My girlfriend has another guy but she claims she still loves me!

I am Frankie a student and I have a girlfriend who has another guy. But, she keeps emphasizing that she still loves me too regardless of the fact that there is another guy in the picture. She says that she loves us both. She tells me that her heart is much weighed on the other side, on the other guy adding that she will come back. Although right now, she stays with the other guy. What can I do now because I really love her so much, help me!

Hey Frankie, if she is now staying with the other guy, she is no longer your girlfriend, you are her side “mitch” and she wants to keep it that way probably for the intimacy involved.

She can’t convince you that she loves you both equally. She is confused and you are falling prey of her confusion. Love is not like food that you can love two dishes at the same time.

My advice to you, ditch her and never look back. Love will find you, you’re far too nice to be dealing with such bull crap.

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