My Sincere Advice to Male Freshers

As you join campus, there is always that perception that has already been instilled in you, that is “campus life is sweet.” I know most of you can sincerely disagree with this notion! Life is only “sweet” so long as your pocket is oozing money.

Most of the (male) freshers usually find themselves doomed because in one way or the other, they have tried to live beyond their means through;

  1. Impressing “Slay Queens”

Slat king and queen

I need not to tell you that the self proclaimed campus “slay queens” can actually leave you dry. Most of the male freshers find pride when they hang out with beautiful ladies in campus. Remember, you are the only one who knows your limitations.

  1. The “Latest Swag” Madness

ripped trousers

 It is not a crime for you to dress mtumba clothes. If you cannot afford the “boutique clothes” do not kill yourself. Living within your means is key.

  1. Comparing One Self to Senior Students

You cannot match the financial might of that third year or fourth year. Remember, they have exposure on how campus life is! They know all the loopholes! His room is well stocked with electric gadgets, furniture and all kind of students’ stuff! Trying to reach that league within a day is like committing murder! Calm down!

In a nutshell, live within your means! Do not make sacrifices whose consequences you will not be able to withstand!

Written by Michael Juma