My Style! Lillian Lema takes us through her wardrobe!

To many, she is the cute lady, a host of the famous online love talk show giving many a run in their relationships with the wise talk, amassing a load of social network followers; no need for further introduction, Lillian Lema. Lillian caught up with one of our writers; Phocus and had these tips to say about her intricate fashion. 

We all know Lilian, but how can you describe yourself in a few lines?

A girl with a lot of visions and ambitions. They sometimes scare me, funny, kind hearted and rude at the same time. I love life and smiling is the only action I prefer to do.

Can you describe your personal style in a sentence or two?

Mmmh fashion style? ?mmmh if you know Lilly I’m sure you will realize that I love a simple, classy and sexy kinda style. I real don’t prefer to complicate a thing in a way of dressing myself.?

What fashion item takes the most of your money?

Jeans and tops !? urrghh these surely run my account dry! (chuckles) 

What style in the women section rubs you the wrong way. For me it’s extremely tight jeans… the One direction kind. What’s that for you and why? 

See Through Cloths! These spoil my day! 

Any person’s style that inspires your own? 

Herieth Paul! Her sleek style has me off the hooks! But I do like the official wear, a mix of jeans, simple top and a blazer. This looks kills it for me. 

What female fashion trend should go away? Something that has run it’s course and should be dropped, WHY?

Ripped cloths! zile too much. I once saw one of the jeans was ripped at the back, it was awful Damn! that fashion ideal should be dropped because its really getting far. Ladies we should not reveal our bodies that much. Its not a good thing at all. We ought to respect the beauty God has given us.

Anything else you would like to disclose before I let you go? 

Let me talk to girls; especially those joining University soon, ladies get your minds together. Remember what you have been taught at home, the last word your parent or guardians told you, keep them in your mind. 

Chuo life is the easiest life ever that can be; but might turn out the most complicated you have never experienced. Never be a copycat. Enjoy life as you are meant to! Cut your coat according to your cloth so that there is nothing to regret at the end of the chuo life.

You heard her folks! Thanks for your time, Lilly. 

Catchup with Lilly on Snapchat @lilianlema010 Instagram @iamlillys.l  and her love talk show on Youtube Love talk with Lilly!