Nadya Amir: Creating joy among the less privileged, orphans and needy 

Seeing a beautiful lady stride along Campus, what comes to one’s mind; many will think and see a luxurious lifestyle, a reckless fun loving person, clubbing as the first item on her agenda. The wise old saying, Do not judge a book by its cover, there is always another side of the story behind the glamour. 

Nadya Amir is such a character, what lies underneath the beauty is a love for helping the needy. Such a God-fearing, calm and tender heart for helping the needy, Nadia during her free time has visited the orphans at various orphanage centres. She hates seeing the unprivileged children suffer. With the little she has, she has given out. 

A charismatic and charming laughter she offers these children, showing them life is not meaningless afterall. Aside that she is an entrepreneur and reserves her time for entrepreneurship. Nadia is pursuing a  Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting at University of Dar es salaam.

Lately she with a group of friends have visited cancer patients at Muhimbili National Hospital.

With plans to open up her own Orphanage, Nadia sets an example for the other beauties in Campus. They are challenged by her giving out prowess. Many admire the resonance and heart she has for the less privileged. 

A true definition of a loving mother to her children. Keep up the spirit of giving and May God grant you more for the love you show these children. A hand that gives is better than the hand that receives.