Naturalistas are not telling You this!

The natural hair community keeps growing day by day. Women of colour around the world are okaying more with the texture and nature of their hair. This may be a trend but it is surely here to stay. Natural hair products manufactures are increasing together with their marketing tools; youtubers and social media influencers. While most of these influencers give us products as tips to have healthy hair . Here is what they are not telling us.
1. Long live the shoe lace
To get that high puff , you would probably use a thread however a thread is most likely to get all tangled up with your hair and cause breakage on attempt to unravel. A shoe lace however works swiftly, is a long term commitment and also works on braids , crochet braids and other hairstyles you need a high puff with.

2. A lil heat aint gonna hurt no body.
You wanna know what is draining than user agreement policies?
Natural hair rules.
Dont use heat
LOC , OLC n on and on and on.
However it is perfectly fine occasionally to use heat on your hair as long as you keep it well oiled and moisturised. Blow dry and flat iron it once in a while to make it easy to manage or change styles.
C’mon its just hair after all

3. The satin bonnet
Moisture and tender handling is the centre of every natural hair care routine. At night our hair is exposed to friction and sleeping on a cotton pillowcase makes increases friction and absorbs all the moisture in the hair. This leaves your hair dry and prone to breakage. With a Satin pillowcase and bonnet , all these problems are solved. I get mine from nauza_nguo_na_viatu on instagram .

4. Protective styles are key
Apart from looking great and amping it up. Protective styles like box braids , crotchet braids , twist outs and weaves give your hair a break from constant manipulation and thus prevents breakage and saves you the hassle of styling in the morning.

Till next time .

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