Nestory Makendi: The journey to 4.8 GPA

Passion, Time management and Commitment were the key drives to the ultimate success I enjoy today. Meet Nestory Makendi the best student of year 2017 from University of Dar es Salaam.

Nestory Makendi was pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting at University of Dar es Salaam Business School. Speaking at the Managers Day event organised by UDBS on 24th November, 2017. He had this advice for the continuing students.

1.One he pointed out passion, without passion one can never succeed in life. He had the passion for accounting and class; never missing out on any lectures while in college.

2. Time management

A key aspect in the building of your career while at college is how you manage your time. Create time for the important matters before the extra curricular activities. Cultivate your time accordingly, and the fruits are quite sweet.

3. Commitment

Once you have a goal in life stay focused to it. Do not deter from your aims in life. Being focused and committed to your goal in life is another key player in life.

With the few words of wisdom from Nestory, the lane wishes you success as you build your way through Campus.