New teachers for Science and Mathematics teachers to be vetted under tight scrutiny

TEACHERS Science who are to be employed by the government, will have to send their certificates before being sent out to their arranged work stations. That is part of the change in procedure aimed at strengthening employment for qualified teaching of Science and Mathematics Teaching. The statement issued by the Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Vocational Training Professor Joyce Ndalichako, while inaugurating the Annual General Meeting of the Heads of Secondary Schools Tanzania (Tahossa).

Despite talk about the changes in employment, said the government is committed to strengthen secondary education, including strengthening the teaching of science subjects. In addition, Professor Ndalichako urged head teachers in the country, managing the quality of education due to their being close to students,  elaborating, she said the responsibility of head teachers as supervisors and inspectors of the first students to improve knowledge of Tanzania, noting that secondary education is an important link in the development of education in the country.

Similarly, she urged the chief to send accurate records of students in their schools in order to assist the government in planning the budget so that it can provide proper funding. “There is sometimes hearsay that I lost the  certain figures of a school, this becomes different from that of  the beginning  and for me to take charge, making it easier for us to plan an efficient budget, ” she said.

Prof. Ndalichako said by many laboratories have been completed, the government will provide laboratory equipment starting in January next year. During the meeting, the Minister also asked the Administrative Secretaries and Directors, to protect teachers who follow the rules, regulations and laws in their performance and control politicians from  interfering in the affairs of education. He also urged the head teachers to have good relations with the surrounding community as well as cleaning their schools.

Reading the messages, President of Tahossa, Bonus Nyimbo  urged the government to ban the use of phones by students in schools, as this been contributing poor performance of some students. Mr Nyimbo who is headmaster of the Mwenge High School in Singida, also urged the government to employ guards, servants and drivers in order to work correctly. He said another challenge they are facing is some misunderstanding charter members with a fee defaulting on time.

“In turn, Director of Global Education Link, Abdulmalik Molel whose company was awarded the honor in promoting education in the country”, said it is the responsibility of everyone to fulfill its obligation to advance the education of Tanzania.