MCM! Andrew Peter running China Town!

Handsome, passionate and with a charming personality, oh yes! Andrew Peter is worth being the MCM today. Pursuing a Bachelor of International Economics and Trade at Shenyang Aerospace University, Shenyang campus; Andrew is pulling the strings else where with a many Chinese lady ready to learn Swahili and be the potential Mrs. Right. With a […]

Campus Rides! Pedal Talk with Allan Job

Sometimes its not about what you are driving in campus but rather how it makes you feel while driving it around campus environment ! This is Allan Job a second year soon to be third year student at UDSM who is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Finance. Campuslane had time to hook up with him […]

HESLB releases list of Successful Loan “MIKOPO” applicants

Higher Education Students Loans Board has today released the first batch of successful applicants after the a series of analysis for the applicants 2017/2o18, 10,196 students first year candidates have successfully been granted these loans. Click here to get full list.  The Executive Director, HESLB Dr. Abdul-Razzaq at a media conference today, 18th October, proclaimed […]

WCW! SUA’s buxom Neema John

A reason for waking up the next yesterday yet to oogle at the buxom and voluptuous figure and infectious smile, many a gent in her class claim she is the reason their eyes are never droopy. Neema John Mgetta is a second year undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor degree in Family and Consumer Science at […]

MCM! UDSM’s Flamboyant Innocent Lyatuu

With a style that craves the ladies attention, a smile with the fancy looks meet this week’s MCM, Innocent Lyatuu. Pursuing a Bachelor of arts in Economics, Innocent is in his third and final year at Campus to say. Innocent is accustomed to having fun, hating pretence and being straight forward avoiding the mumbling bit […]

Campus Rides! Wheelin’ with Lisa Frank

Who said owning a car in campus can only be managed by boys…well here is a girl who decided to prove this notion wrong by giving us an insight to her ride in campus ! This is Lisa Frank Mwafongo a second year soon to be third year student at Ustawi who is pursuing a […]

True Picture of a Single Father’s life at Campus

In most campus cases, it is the woman who is denounced by her man whenever she ignores to take those Emergency pills and another life is created. What happens when it is the woman who bails out on her man and their unborn baby?

Student meant to Graduate this week burned to death by Lover

A certain Bishop Stuart University student  Ms Natamba was meant to graduate this week before being burnt to death by lover; Eric. Residents of Katete cell in Mbarara Municipality woke up on Tuesday to cries for help from a young lady in her early twenties after her lover reportedly, locked the single room they were renting […]

Celebrating the Day of the Girl Child – Mwanamke na Uongozi

Wednesday, 11th October is the day the world celebrated the girl child. The gender inequality that has persisted over the ages back to the traditional society where many a girl has been denied rights to education, an opinion, subjected to female genital mutilation and the ostracism unmentioned yet experienced. Global Economic goal no. 5 says […]

Why you are looking Funny with make up

Make-up; cosmetics and other substances applied to the skin to improve it’s appearance. The truest term to define the phenomenon. Makeup is like clothes, it’s been around forever. The Great Gatsby times embraced it, Marilyn Monroe’s signature red lip still burns in our minds and Naomi Campbell’s natural glow makeup still lives on. However I […]

WCW! The Amazing Sarasia Stanley

A lady rich in beauty and skintone; a runway beauty fashion designers would kill to have in their models setup. Meet Sarasia Stanley a third year student at St Joseph University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Information systems and Network engineering. Sarasia happen to like multi-tasking with a love for dancing, singing, tailoring and […]

MCM! Benny Peter, The hearthrob from United Kingdom

You heard that right. Benny Machunde is a tanzanian scholar at University Of Hertfordshire in the land of the Queen. Many youth do dream to set a foot in England, Benny is pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration at the campus. With looks that send shockwaves to the ladies’ spines, Benny is quite a charming, […]

Mzumbe University Selected Bachelor Degree Applicants 2017-2018

The candidates list attached below have been selected to join various undergraduate programmes at Mzumbe University (MU) in the academic year 2017/2018. Selected candidates are required to download an admission letter and invoice at by logging-in using the Form Four index number (Sxxx/xxx/year) as Username and your surname in small letters as Password. After logging-in, candidates will be able to download […]

University Selected Applicants 2017-2018 | Updated List!

The various list below entails various selections from various universities in Tanzania for the selected successful applicants. Click the University name below to get the full list of successful applicants. 1. BUGANDO UNIVERSITY.  Bachelor of Pharmacy  Doctor of Medicine BSc. Nursing 2. Muslim University of Morogoro 3. Sokoine University of Agriculture  4. Water Institute – […]

UDOM University Selection Bachelor Degree 2017 – 2018

The following applicants have been selected for admission into various degree courses at University of Dodoma. All applicants are required to observe the following. Report to the university on 28th October 2017 and attend the compulsory orientation programme starting on Monday 31st October. Admission letters and other instructions will be available in the accounts used […]

Tanzania Institute of Accountancy Selected Bachelor Degree Applicants for 2017/2018 Academic Year

Below is a list of selected applicants to join Tanzania Institute of Accountancy this academic year 2017-2018. Click the link below to view the full list. TIA Successful applicants.   View other selected applicants from various universities. Click here Share

UDSM Undergraduate Selected Applicants 2017-2018

THOSE APPLIED AT UDSM DURING FIRST ROUND : This is for applicants who applied During the first round Your are advised to log in to your UDSM admission account by using your account credentials 1. View the Masage for instructions 2. View the selection results 3. selected applicants at UDSM with multiple admissions ( Also […]

University Successful Applicants for Bachelor Degree Programmes 2017- 2018

The various list below entails various selections from various universities in Tanzania for the selected successful applicants. Click the University name below to get the full list of successful applicants. 1. BUGANDO UNIVERSITY.  Bachelor of Pharmacy  Doctor of Medicine BSc. Nursing 2. Muslim University of Morogoro 3. Sokoine University of Agriculture  4. Water Institute – […]

Ardhi University Degree Selected Applicants 2017- 2018

Below is a list of the successful candidates selected for degree programs for the year 2017- 2018. click the link below to see the full list. Admission_of_Selected_Students -2017-2018-FINAL click the link above to download the full list. Share

WCW! Miss IFM 2017 – The Beauteous Nelly Kazikazi

This beauty is a sight for sore eyes with a beautiful smile that will leave you in happy thoughts and a banging body that will captivate every bit of you. Nelly Kazikazi is a charming lady one would be blessed to spend a day with. Blessed with a captivating aura, Nelly is pursuing accounting at […]

Four students feared DEAD as University of Nairobi is closed following a deadly strike

The University of Nairobi senate has today morning ordered all students to vacate the halls of residence and hostels by 9am. This was an emergency directive taken to calm the 1 week violent situation that engulfed the university and left over 27 students injured. “UON senate has today closed the University with immediate effect due […]

How to deal with lazy Classwork group members looking for a free ride

You are in a group with a member who contributes barely nothing.  He even doesn’t read  the final draft of the assignment that is submitted to the lecturer. He is one lazy person who is always looking for free rides. Professor gave us a group assignment and we decided do divided the task.  During the […]

MCM! Meet the Identical Peter and Paul Tendewa

Getting accustomed to seeing one man as MCM! Well today we bring you two. No, its not photoshop, these two are actually identical twins. Meet our own Psquare in our very own backyard. You thought Peter and Paul Okoye were identical, you haven’t met these two. One cant tell who is Peter and who is […]

PICTORIAL! Makerere University #Age Limit Riot through the lens

Kampala, Uganda. The ongoing Age limit saga in Uganda has really caught the eye of the world featuring spinning Michael Jacksons in parliament, The fights and wrangles pertaining the National Resistance Movement Party members in Parliament against the opposition members. Our colleagues in Makerere University also participated in demonstrations against the alleged bill to ammend […]

UDSM Open up on Reports – DARUSO President has failed EXAMS

University of Dar es Salaam Management have for now remained tight lipped about whether the current students’ president might graduate attaining to reports that former president ERASMI LEON has been discontinued due to failing his exams. Reports started circulating recently across social media that the president had failed his exams and was to be discontinued with […]

#Campus Hustler: Gillian Jared, Music is my passion!

Once you listen to the angelic voice that comes out of this ecstatic nightingale, music would truly be your second if not first item on the agenda each morning. A calm and charming pretty lady, Gillian Jared, a third year student at University of Dar es Salaam pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting, shares […]

Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology (NM-AIST) to deal with Water Shortage problems

In the wake of poor supplies from boreholes due to unfavourable weather, the Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology (NM-AIST) will soon embark on a massive water supply project. The pan African university, located at Tengeru near Arusha, is seeking Sh300 million to drill water from a recently identified source where surveys indicated […]

IFM student Arrested for lending Gun to Robbers

Third year student at the Institute of Finance Management, Robson Isack Maji, a Tabata Segerea resident has been arrested and detained by the police after being caught with a Beretta pistol with six bullets in the magazine. Robson has admitted to using to lending the pistol to robbers for a sum of money upon return of […]

East African Community to Harmonise tuition fees Next Year

University students across the East African region will, from January next year, begin paying the same amount of tuition fees, in the first step towards the actualisation of the newly created East African Common Higher Education Area. While the institutions may charge different amounts for different programs, students from any country in the region will […]

How to Manage your Budget in Campus: The ultimate Students money Spending Guide

Budgeting is an important part of a student’s life. As a student, you need to be smart and responsible when it comes to managing your finances. Here are the dos and don’ts of managing your budget. Have limits on your spending’s Limit the amount you spend daily, weekly or even monthly. This will in turn […]

WCW! Linda Ngwale, the Lady Turning Necks in Kenya University

  East or West, home is still the best, a mind boggling thought that keeps echoing in the mind of Linda George Ngwale, a Tanzanian student at Catholic University of East Africa. Linda; a down to earth, prayerful and charming lady shared with us some insights about studying in Kenya. Linda has majored in Political […]

Pros and Cons of dating a classmate

 You will hear whispers of the girl talk everywhere, “I cannot date a class mate.”  Others faulting two desk mates for being smitten, swearing to each other how they would go the grave for the other. The only thing killing man and woman; these days is love. Adam and Eve. Romeo and Juliet. Cleopatra and […]

Weird campus guy habits I will never understand as a girl

If for the life of me have never grasped the rationalisation that men use to go about their day. Even the smartest, most powerful and extremely good looking guys do the weirdest stuff. That’s something I wouldn’t say resonates with women, we girls be different, honestly, you can generalize the entirety that is men and […]

The right way to slay the ripped asymmetric cut jeans

Well we are all used to jeans as campusers because they are the most comfortable and easy-to-wear ensemble you can come up with. You can wear a Billie tee, camo shirt, oversized shirts and many others that I can’t really exhaust. Well these ripped asymmetric cut jeans are the bomb especially if they’re high waist […]

15 Things To Do in Bed that aren’t SEX

With the current rise of unwanted pregnancies, unprotected sex, sexually transmitted diseases and the like, here are 15 things one can do with her partner and avoid such mistakes. Keeping your dignity intact might seem the only way out. Play it safe!  1. Cuddle. This can be done pre-sex, post-sex, or even instead of sex. […]

Tanzanian Rats to help Cambodia detect landmines

The training centre was established in 2000. Tthe training for sniffing rats is carried out by the Morogoro-based Sokoine University of Agriculture in collaboration with the Department of Biology at the University of Antwerp.

Tanzania’s Conjoined Twins Admitted into University

  Iringa — It was a dream come true for the conjoined twins Maria and Consolata as they made their first day at university Wednesday to pursue their goal of becoming teachers. They were grateful to their lecturers for the warm welcome accorded to them in addition to the suitable learning and living environment that […]

#Campus Hustler! Meet UDSM’s Aisha, an Exceptional Make-Up Artist

Nobody needed to inspire and persuade her into pursuing a career as a make-up stylist  on top of her campus obligations, she had it all planned out right from her childhood, it was her realistic dream she had to pursue. Making-up had always been her passion and once she landed on the opportunity; Aisha grabbed […]

IFM Students design new App for Doctor, Patient Easy Consultation

Ms Kauthar Suleiman and her fellow students Jessica Serapion and Joan Hoja, all are third year students pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the IFM have come up with an idea of using the Android Application for appointment between the patient and the doctor.

Makerere University set to Recall Degrees issued in the Past Five Years

Makerere University is undertaking a comprehensive audit of marks of students over the past several years to identify and recall degrees obtained on the basis of forged or altered results. Our investigations show that Dr Damalie Naggitta-Musoke, the former dean of the School of Law, is heading the inquiries being conducted by what is officially […]

How to rock the Peacock-colored-skater-skirt

Do any of you love peacocks? no? yes?…I hope it is a yes because today I’m going to give you campus girls the reason to love them and your boys to love you too. This skirt has all those colors and you’ll love, meaning you’ll love yourself more. Eventually, the other party (I mean the […]

Get a Side Hustle, Being broke in Campus isn’t Funny

This is a featured story from Kenya. Enjoy! There’s a story I like telling about my first year in campus. I was so broke this one weekend I had just KSh20 in my pockets. I called my Dad and he said he had no money. I called my Mum and she barked: “Call your father.” […]

Why Drug Abuse is Difficult to Curb in Campus

Starting life in campus produces some natural social anxiety for many students.The temptation to drink is strong because many University students overwhelmingly find that alcohol makes socializing easier and also because drinking is often socially acceptable, recognizing what a person drink can be difficult and tend to use other means that cannot be recognized. Alcohol […]