One on One with Clouds Tv’ Siz Kitaa’s Casto Dickson

A busy week must end with an entertaining one on one. Treading along the silent gradlane, one familiar figure cuts across, Ayayaya! This is not an opportunity to misuse. Hey! Are you Casto Dickson from the famous Siz Kitaa on CloudsTv? Without awaiting his response, the interview started right away… (Tip: Get to know who his secret crush was way back in University) read on..

Who is Casto Dickson? Describe Casto in a few words.

Casto is a smart, simple in appearance, hates people who minimise others while talking to him, respects his work, is open to anyone and above all puts God first in everything.

Tell us more about the fun side of Casto.

Well hehe, I am scared of heights and every time I am in a tall building I run across the staircases, elevators freak me out Hhehe! Secondly, I am scared of boarding airplanes to the extent that I am forced to sleep whenever on a flight.

Whats your education background?

Tarangire Primary School in Arusha, is where I completed my primary education. My ‘O’ level was in Mbugwe Secondary School and ‘A’ level was at Bishop Durning High School in Arusha and finally I did a Diploma in Journalism at Dar es Salaam School of Journalism.

Tell us more about your Chuo days. If granted another opportunity what would you focus on while at Campus?

Campus was fun, the ladies, the clubs, books hell no! But one thing I remember is how my colleagues used to laugh at my Arusha accent whenever I used to present in class but I got used to it in the long run. And also most of my friends were working class making it easy for me to get a job thereafter.

Well if given a chance t go back to chuo, most guys would definitely want to bed that hottest chic in campus, hahhahaha… but I would personally focus more on Video Editing because I wasn’t serious with this course unit a thing that I was forced to re do after campus. I got a B+ though hehe chezea

 Why did you choose Media and Journalism?

Well I followed my heart, my soul held onto this dream which was media. I remember back in the days I used to record myself on radio cassettes and I enjoyed a series of bakora from my dad since I used to delete his tapes to record myself. That’s why they supported me when I decided to take on Journalism.

What are you involved in currently? Work? Business?

I work at two Companies. Clouds as Siz Kitaa presenter and Shujaaz Radio as content producer. I have plans on some business projects and when they are ready, you will surely know.

Are you dating? Some ladies seriously are on the waiting list..! hehe!

Am not seeing anyone. I am single for now.  Hehehe ladies you heard him, now his number is available at a small cost just DM Campuslane on Instagram hehe..

What challenges have you faced in life?

Well challenges are many, among many being that my friends didn’t believe that I would not work at Clouds Tv. There are some friends I worked with at a certain radio station and when I told them of my ambition to work at Clouds they laughed and discouraged me, but well here I am, and where are they? Hehe!

Any advice to the youth who aspire to be like you?

Well the real deal is trusting oneself, in the abilities you have, be confident, and respect you dreams. You’ll surely make it in life. Make your own brand don’t be me, be Yourself. Be Your Own Identity.


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SizKitaa is aired on CloudsTv Monday to Friday at 18:00

Thanks Casto.. Have a nice day!