Optimus Prime in real life!

Do you remember the excitement we all have when we usually watch the killer movie “THE TRANSFORMERS”? well,that desire of having one of your own Optimus prime type of ride parking outside your house seems to be getting closer to reality as a group of engineers decided to work on it. The team consisted of 12 Engineers and 4 supporting technicians. The mechanical construction was built in Ankara head office and the software was developed in Technopark office.The idea came about in a partnership meeting while discussing and brainstorming about a unique and futuristic project.The car is nicknamed LETRON which is the first model and leader and it took 8 months to complete.

When in car mode, the Letron can move and turn under its own electric power, but things get interesting when the transformation is triggered. The transformation from car to bot is accomplished with a combination of hydraulics and electric motors and takes just under a minute.


Once transformed, the Letron just sort of stands there and looks around, the bot can’t walk, but it can turn its head and move its arms, wrists and fingers. There’s also a range of light and sound interactions and an unfortunately positioned fog machine. The company has plans to build more Letrons in the future based on various car models and even hopes that they will one day be drivable in traffic.

Perhaps the weirdest detail is that, the group will build and sell you a Letron of your own, but only “if the buyers‘ project and their reasons for use meet the criteria of the Letrons team.” Presumably, that means they won’t build you an army of evil car-bots armed with flamethrowers.

Actual price for this Transforming car has not yet been set, so just hold on till they do folks.Till next week!