PHOTOS! Institute of Accountancy Arusha Graduation Ceremony

ARUSHA, Deputy Finance Minister and Finance Dr.Ashatu Kijaju has given a great warning to Accounting graduates in refraining from corruption by urging rapid wealth to abandon the behavior because they will not remain safe in this administration.

Speaking  at the 19th Graduate Academy of Institute of Accounting Arusha, while awarding certificates of accounting for 1324 graduates, Dr Ashatu said some Accounting experts contribute to the lagging behind of their country’s aspirations.

She said it would be best to use their professionalism where employers would be able to work with integrity and justice. She said that if these professionals would change and maintain justice, they would enable the nation to achieve its dream of delivering an Industrial Economy before 2025.NIBU Minister of Finance and Planning Dr Ashatu Kijaju who was the guest speaker at the Institute of Accountancy in Arusha, as well as other things, warned the graduates of the country to avoid corruption because they would not  they would not remain safe in this administration. (News Photo by Pamela Mollel, Arusha)  Accounting Board Chairman Arusha Bi-Rukia Adam reading the Accounting Academy’s information at Arusha at the college campus at the Jungle
the head of the Engineering , Environment and Computer Faculty Paul David Greening from Britain speaking at the event