PICS! SHOCKING as Freshers report with iron sheets to University!!

Eeh! Eeh! Nigerians would say Blood of Zachariah! What is this?? Are these freshers scared of theft or scared of some one robbing their foodstuffs?

How do you swap leather cases for iron trunks? Seriously😨😨?? 

These trunks were believed to have been used when the UDSM chancellor was still in Campus!  I thought they were forced into doing so.. but their faces say otherwards.Are they wary of expenses? Or do they know that we actually have wardrobes in campus?

To my utter amusement these students were sniped by our excellent photographer who was treading the University of Dar es salaam today.. believed to be from the outskirts of Mtwara .. (rumour has it!!) These students reported with iron trunks for suitcases. Proudly matching to Nkrumah Hall awaiting registration oops!!

Are they heading to College of Engineering and Technology? (COET).. The names will come shortly.. stay tuned! Question is… what is in this trunks?? Welding material? Food? Clothes? Gumboots? Eeeh I leave the rest to your imagination.

Til then the lane continues snooping around Freshers’ corner!