PROBLEM! I think my boyfriend is homeless and just using me for my bed

I am Racheal from Kampala University, and I am Kenyan although I study in Tanzania. I have been in a relationship with my Ugandan boyfriend for one and a half years now but what baffles me is that he never goes home.

He is not very nice to me sometimes and when I threaten to throw him out, he becomes so sweet to me- I high key think he is homeless and just using me for my bed. I love him, but his morals, his motives are all just confusing what do I do?

If you think he is using you for your bed, what is the point of you keeping him around? Is he your life link, does he pay the bills, does he cook your supper or rub your back when you retire to bed?- I guess not. Let him off and let him take his sorry ass home- or wherever he came from.

Unless of course yours is a charity home. Love will chase you, just think about letting this one go because I doubt you are a charity.