Problem! She dumped me because of FIFA!

Hey Doctor! Im Derrick, I am a FIFA playstation addict. I spent most of time playing games and at times missed my girlfriend’s calls. Time passed and she started claiming my games and gadgets were more important to me than her. She called me yesterday to end it. What do I do to get her back?

Hi, Derrick. Sorry for your loss. A heartbreak does hurt. But you need to ask yourself, what is more meaningful in life. Your girl or your games! If you are to start a family, will you start it with FIFA or with her? Getting her back wont be easy but you shall have to show commitment and love. You will definitely win her over again.

Till then,

Yours truly, Doctor

  • Delly

    Achana nae

  • Frank

    Try searching for one who loves FIFA😂😂

  • Kar*n

    Am your girlfriend n you love an engine more than me….smh🙄 niqquers need a chill pill I’d bet

  • Erick

    Way better than cheating

  • Ally

    Freshy! FIFA is gud. He ll get another one better than huyu aliesepa.

  • Blackwood

    Girls don’t understand bora i waste my time in gaming than going out getting drunk and cheating

  • Mkandala

    Dump that b*ch too……

  • Joker

    You dont have to beg Fifa to be happy

  • Joker

    Hapa FIFA tu

  • abdulaziz

    achana nae ….u wl get another one very soon…love can’t be forced….if she is committed atarud