Prof. Ndalichako stops (asitisha) further Government recruitment for Humanities (Arts) Teachers

Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Vocational Professor Joyce Ndalichako, has issued new terms of employment of teachers in the country, saying the government shall recruit teachers of the humanities (arts) that are available.

Speaking in Dodoma yesterday while opening the annual general meeting of Heads of Secondary Schools Tanzania (TAHOSSA), Professor Ndalichako, said the government is currently unable to hire the teachers of those subjects that seeks to recruit teachers of science and mathematics whose number is small .

“With this new decision, recruitment of new teachers of science subjects they have changed since those qualified teachers of science and mathematics, are required to send their certificates pre-arranged work station.

“Regarding the teachers ‘arts’, where we have additional teachers who will try to organize from the school, as many had planned for one school. Therefore, we look at the process of arranging according to demand, ” said Professor Ndalichako.

Referring to the issue of quality of education, Professor Ndalichako urged the head teachers to ensure they manage the quality of education that they are the ones that prepare students before they go to college.

“Also to, send accurate records of students who are in school to assist the Government in planning your budget so that it can provide proper funding.

“This I pray and take charge to make it easier for us to plan efficient budget, ” she said.

About the construction of laboratories in secondary schools, the minister said that due to excessive completed, the Government will provide laboratory equipment from January next year after they have reached the country from where they have been ordered from.

For his part, Director of Global Education Link, Molel Abdulmalik, whose company was awarded the honor in promoting education in the country, said it is the responsibility of everyone to fulfill its obligation to advance the education of Tanzania.

“Everyone should fulfill the obligation, parents, guardians and teachers, tell them not to be students ‘Expectation’ (expectations) were significant because they have such expectations, they may be troublesome universities,” he said.

While these are underway, yesterday the statement was made in Dar es Salaam by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Vocational TRaining Maimuna Postman, saying that teachers graduates of science and mathematics who graduated, are required to submit copies of certificates of secondary education and sixth form four and the teaching profession for verification.

Despite this, the government recently announced the termination of employment in order to cope with the wave of ghost employees. Consistent with the decision, the salary increase for civil servants that were to be rectified , was put on hold to deal with the ghost servants who were creating massive losses to the Government.