Pros and Cons of dating a classmate

 You will hear whispers of the girl talk everywhere, “I cannot date a class mate.”  Others faulting two desk mates for being smitten, swearing to each other how they would go the grave for the other. The only thing killing man and woman; these days is love. Adam and Eve. Romeo and Juliet. Cleopatra and Anthony. Napoleon and Josephine. Valentino. Jack and Rose in the Titanic.

Someone’s words, Great love demands great sacrifices. These two reading partners will call each other partners in crime, and proceed to pursue their relationship without giving a damn what the world is saying. These are the pros and cons of dating a class mate.

The Pros

You will get to see each other often. One thing that strengthens relationships is knowing how the other party is feeling, and you will most probably achieve this seeing the person all the time. But caution should be taken, you need to give the other person sometime to miss you, because too much of anything tends to bore.

You get to be study partners. There is nothing interesting than preparing for tests, exams and studying with the person you love. You read page 5, she reads 6, then you meet and discuss and romantically challenge each other. “You are wrong….” Then have a heated skit about who is right. Who does not love a challenge!

You can rely on each other to defend your absence. If one missed a class, the other will probably sign for you. Make up lies to the lecture so you won’t get punished for missing. He will take you through everything you missed in class. Topic by topic.

It is also an encouragement to attend class. You do not want to be seen as the unserious one. You will attend every class no matter how boring it is. Studying becomes fan for you.

You get to understand each other. You are usually around the same age bracket, sometimes an extra age older. It is scientifically proven that people of the same age bracket are happy and enjoying their relationships more that those involved in cross generation relationships with their friends’ fathers.

The cons.

You are always under pressure. It usually demanding for one to always look good for your partner. You are very conscious of what make up you wear and stuff. You have to read hard not to get embarrassed for failing tests.

You will easily get distracted. She is probably seated next to you and is bored by that lecturer whose teaching style is only a sleeping pill, yet you are following. You will be forced to make her smile, engage her in a conversation and you will miss the point the lecturer is saying. She will look at you and bite her lips, lick her finger just to excite you. It will harm your performance too.

You will have unhealthy competition in class. You will want to prove to each other that you are wiser than the other. Raise up your hands even when you do not have the answer just to prove you can do something. End of semester or coursework results will show that one is smarter than the other.

You are going to break up. Dating a course mate is very stressful. You have to be conscious, or else break-up is on its way. You must attend every lecture because if you missed she will think you are probably tired from a visit you had last night.

You do not get to fully be you.  You want to go with the boys and drink as you usually do, but she does not like drinking so you have to play along. She wants to take you for fellowships yet it is not your thing.

You will be forced to make a PDA. Public display of affection is not a thing you can do freely in Tanzania, but because you want to prove to her that it is only her and no one else, you will want kiss her on the compound, or make out at some corner of your class room.

Your world is very small. Everything each of you does in the dark will be revealed in the light.  She will always get to know that you hosted last night. He will know that you are hitting on your neighbor.

All in all, dating is a choice that you will have to make. You can choose all the girls and dudes you want.