Rahel Joseph Mahende: Earning Great Sums in the Soap Industry

From being an MPESA agent to owning a Company of your own is truly a feat to achieve, Rahel Joseph, today is the founder and managing director at Ecopro  company that deals with production and supply of eco-friendly and bio degradable liquid soap. The lane had a talk with her, sincerely! How did she do it?

Who is Rahel Joseph mahende?

Rahel Joseph Mahende is 22 years old lady from Dar-es-salaam  Tanzania. She is the founder and managing director of Ecopro company that deals with production and supply of Eco-friendly liquid soap in Tanzania. Rahel is a self motivated and ambitious young lady who wishes to empower other youth to engage in self employment so as to reduce poverty rate in her community. She chose to venture into entrepreneurship activities because it has been her passion to get involved in production of products as she believes in self employment as the way to create sustainable development in Tanzania.


Such a desire to attain your own brand!Huh! Tell me more about your education, never know my daughter will follow your footsteps!

Haahaha I started her primary school in 2001 at KIJITONYAMA primary school then in 2006 I was selected to join MUGABE Secondary School  For my ordinary lever studies (O-LEVEL) located in Sinza Dar-es-salaam. In 2010 she joined MOROGORO secondary school for her Advance level studies (A-LEVEL ). Since she finished her studies she was lucky enough to be employed in different companies with her form six level until she joined college taking her first degree in business administration at College of Business Administration (CBE). NowI am proceeding with my studies at CBE.

Such dexterity! What did you do before EcoPro?

Before being an Enterprenuer I used to work in different companies but my first work was as an M-pesa agent  in one of the companies. As time passed, I worked in different fields  such as  real estate, recruitment agencies,event organizing, trainings and workshops,sales and marketing,administration.

What was the inspiration behind EcoPro?

What inspired me to venture in the business was it was always my DREAM  to have a product while will be under my brand name,though I never knew before which  product will be, the DREAM took me far enough to meet with my wishes. I saw an advert on Facebook showcasing training about liquid soap making and I took time to call them and book for the training and thank GOD I was able to attend. I took time to visit different chemists so as to work on my formula and I was lucky enough to get the best formula, the one am using right now to produce liquid soap.


Tell us more about EcoPro! How did you start?

Ecopro company started with only one product called Multipurpose  liquid soap but as time went and learn  the Market  demands we introduces Ecopro disinfectant and Ecopro strawberry Handwash in different quantity in 500 mls,1 and 5 litres so as to meet the market needs.

Advice to the youth in Campus?

Always start small with what you have as you do not need millions to establish a company. I started with less than 50,000/= to establish my liquid soap business and today I have increased production level and now offer a variety of products. Always believe in GOD as he is always listening to your DREAM and in the due time you shall achieve it.

I can say my dream came true just because I was patient enough to wait for His timings. I can say Ecopro today is by GOD’s grace we are here today and grace shall forever take us places.

They say every successful man has an honest woman behind him, mmhh! Rahel who is that lucky guy?

Hahahah! very funny! Honestly am not seeing anyone cause I have decided to work on my dreams first and the rest will be adjusted in the future.


Any programmes you currently running for us the youth?

Recently we have launched a programme known as ECOPRO EMPOWERING YOUTH that aims at training Tanzania youth to involve themselves  in production activities using local available resources so as to create  self employment and reduce poverty rate in our community.

The programme started on July and we have been able to train about 50 youth from different area in Tanzania such a Bagamoyo, Mtwara, Dodoma and Dar-es-salaam.We see this programme will reach out to more Tanzania youth so as not to depend on white colar jobs rather self- employment.

To sum it up, we have been nominated for YOUTH CITIZEN ENTERPRENUERSHIP COMPETITION  2016 under our idea ECOPRO EMPOWERING YOUTH  and we are in the Top 10 beating about 300+ idea  worldwide. For Ecopro company it is a great achievement since we are only 10 months in the business and we have been doing well creating an impact on peoples lives for a better tomorrow.

We really appreciate for reserving time for the Campuslane and the youth at large, don’t forget to catch Rachel on the social media @raheljoseph on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.