Rainy tales; #15-04-2016

Friday! Why? Such is the day known as FURAHI DAY for the many when the weekend starts to linger across the minds of the many campusers; where to turnup? who to go out with? for the girls..what guy is taking me out today? for the guys…checking out their wallets to see what his account holds for the night. But for the first year lads taking on commerce one lecture lingers across their minds, AC102 ACCOUNTING, why Lord? Many can be heard cursing the day the subject came to be. For that is when you remember the assignments you have to hand in yet you had no clue with a tip of the work being taught. Dreams do end; waking up late out of my slumber, I jump checking my watch to find out it was already 6:30 am. Rushing to the bathroom, dressing up under the loud pour of the rain, but such a lecture; very inconvenient to miss out. To the suprise of many but a shock to a few, I find the class filled up to brim with new faces, shining and beaming with delight  awaiting the course unit lecturer. Many new faces and ofcourse;yes beautiful ladies too, the lecturer wastes no time in establishing and getting done with the day’s work, but for that funny scenario where he kept saying, Lord the world is wonderful. for each question I task you people to attempt; there are three different answers with two wrong answers from the people seated upstairs. I wonder why? hehehehehehehe…..were you among those seated upstairs?..hhehe ..