Relationship Weight is a real thing at Campus

It’s finally happened, all those Katherine Heigl movies make sense now, you are in love. You finally get what the fuss is all about. You are no longer the single girl, you’ve got a man–the man around your arm, and hell he likes to you death.

Relationships are heavenly and sweet, like a unicorn and a rainbow in one picture, magical. Now what ’21 dresses’ or the ‘Ugly truth’ didn’t teach you is relationships get you too comfortable.

Think about it, you’re no longer dressing up, applying makeup to go to the bar; you’ve got a man, you don’t need to impress anyone. Well that is if this relationship is real and you aren’t trying to score other guys on the side because mehn this slay queen error is hard, you’ve got to keep on that A game.

However if this not the case and that boy that’s into Chance the rapper is yours, that’s when the lbs kick in. You ordering for fries and chicken from chicken tonight, KFC is like a walk away from your hostel… nothing like junk to cuddle time with bubu.

You are in bed all the time, if you are not making out you’re having ice cream, then it’s back to the kisses then oh bubu just went ahead and shopped those “chips snacks” you love. It’s a mushy mess. Sweetheart, you are becoming a victim of relationship weight.

Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t eat, hell no, eat all you want, I’m just putting it out there cause maybe you refusing to see it. God forbid that boy finds another muse, then what? You are left heartbroken with a pair of love handles to deal with.

The love bubble is cute but you are also just twenty years old, that boy ain’t gon’ marry you. Don’t get too comfortable, you need to keep looking fresh for the next papa in the room. God knows that one may just ghost you one day.