Rude awakening; she’s just not that into you

I think anything more pathetic than a desperate girl is a desperate boy, I don’t know why but girls can get off with pathetic pleading over a boy, but boys go from hot to loser. What? Of course men have feelings but don’t blame me, socialization is the core reason for this mentality, you’re not going to aggressively whine over a girl and get the girl. Remember the movie he’s just not the into you? This movie made it seem like girls tend to ignore the memo but trust me, now days the boys are made whiny and clueless. Boys if the love of your life is doing this, she’s just not that into you.

1. No social media affection.  

It’s no secret, girls love to gloat their “perfect” relationships on social media. This way the girls trying to steal their men are put in place and the girls they are trying to spite get the message. If the girl you’re dating hasn’t so much as posted your intertwined fingers, she definitely not that into you. She likes how you pay for drinks and shower her treats but she doesn’t like-like you.

2. Gestures of taking care of you.

Let me just say that every girl loves to spoil her man. Even if she can’t boil an egg she will have her friend to do it in disguise of it being her. It’s the thought that counts. Yes girls nowadays are not wired to clean up after you- as should be, but when a girl likes you, a little dusting here and there is no problem for her. It’s female instinct to take care of those we love. So if she’s not worried you got the flu, or worried you flanked your exams, run for the hills.

3. She hasn’t flaunted you to her friends.

We are a showy species, we like to wave whatever important things we have in life. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Seal look-a-like, if she adores you her friends will hear about it till their ears bleed. They will see you around the group more times than they may want but they will know you. If you’re being introduced to friends and they don’t know your name, there’s another man they know as bae.

4. Avoids physical contact.    

Public displays of affection are discomforting specially for those witnessing it. PDA is not just making out in public, it’s holding hands, uncalled for hugs and giggling like you’re the first love birds to walk the earth. Bubu if she gives you reasons for non-physical contact, you’re just a pond she’s using in private till her Mr. Right comes along.

5. Insists on calling you a friend.  

You are being kissed on in private, you’re going broke from the chocolate and ice cream buying but when it’s time for the talk, “we are just friends” easily rolls off her tongue. She introduces you as a friend and never agrees to be labelled as a girlfriend. “Babe I’m just not into labels” no, she’s just not into you. Who doesn’t want to proclaim her man as theirs if they like them? Just another red flag in many.

I have covered the common red flags but they are quite many, many that you make excuses for time and time again. I won’t lie, a boy’s brain being played on is entertaining to me because statistically boys play these mind games for a living. And boys, many things may go out of style but a manly man is never going to. Stop with the beseeching and unfounded hope, if the girl’s not into you, stop pondering about it and move to the next one. Clingy is unattractive to say the least.