SHOCKER! These fashion accessories describe every Campus guy

Ladies by the end of this article, you will know what type of guy you are dating. I know what you’re thinking, what–no. Understanding men can’t really just come down to the fashion accessories they are obsessed with… can it? Doesn’t sound true but it is, take the time to read and actually think about it, these aren’t stereotypes. Yes guys are that predictable. What type of guy are you?

Watch: This is the most organized typa-guy, he has his shit together. He’s the showy guy, showy in the sense of “I’m the smartest in the room and I know it.” He’s probably the golden boy of the family, with good grades and impressive grammar that somehow finds it’s way into a chic’s pants.

Shades: This is a full blown attention seeker. Wearing shades all day, everyday is somewhat a cry for attention; anything to draw eyes to his hustle. Seriously, shades on a guy are so Arnold Schwarzenegger from Terminator on a roaring bike. You will find this guy wearing shades in the cloudy weather, indoors– anywhere and whatever time.

Man jewellery: This guy is the epitome of self love. He loves himself enough for an entire room. The necklace, hand bangles, bracelets, rings, ear pins… this is a hippie country singer waiting to happen. He’s probably spending a lot on haircuts, doing manicures and carrying a man purse. Don’t be all cute taking this guy’s jewellery, he will be literal with his fury.

Cap: This is the ultimate guy’s guy. In another world, he would be into fishing and hunting deers for a hobby. Okay, I went a little far there but really, caps are so men’s fashion therefore extremely manly. This guy is nonchalantly cool, he’s walking around being stylish without going hysterical about fashion trends.

Hats and scarfs: This is a very modern and trendy guy. This guy is watching fashion police, he’s keeping up with GQ magazine,  obsessing about Swahili Week Fashion; he’s doing the most. This guy appreciates the ins and outs of the fashion world. He will be at Nyamachoma Festival, Castle Lite Festivals, all Red Carpet shows, anything to showcase he’s world class fashion.

No accessories: Then there’s this guy, argh I can’t deal with this one. Really, not even a ManUtd hand ban in sight… move over! This guy probably lives with people who wouldn’t give two f**ks about E!. You will find this guy in sagging jeans, big shirts and worn-out flats. He’s the “I don’t care for shallow things in life” typa-guy. As if fashion is shallow. ??This guy isn’t getting any action worth talking about, trust me!

Don’t be weirded by the kind of guy you are based on this article, embrace it, fashion makes a mark on the best of us.