SHOCKING! Accused of sleeping with 40 men to gain Votes!


Girls will never cease to amaze you when they get pissed at each other. January is hot and we have not yet settled in the new year fully but the campus drama is not about to stop.

Yesterday, a Kyambogo student went bonkers when she lost her cool and accused a fellow student and a guild aspirant for vending her Eve’s gem to garner votes in the forthcoming guild presidential elections.

Soupy Namuyomba is accused of sleeping with 40 men

A one Sera Sera babe who many have described as being notorious took to Facebook accusing Lilian Namuyomba the FDC flag bearer in the forthcoming guild presidential elections for vending her goodies to lure the many male FDC delegates into voting for her.

In her post, a bitter Sera Sera went on to allege that Namuyomba who she described as a prostitute and baboon has so far slept with over 40 men all in the name of convincing them to vote for her as the FDC flag bearer in the guild presidential race.

Sera is believed to bare intentions of bringing to students attention the rot and dirt of the people intending to rule the mighty institution of Kyambogo said that it’s okay for Namuyomba to sleep with the 40 men and convince them but then if all goes well in the primaries how will she manage to convince the entire university! Will she serve yoyo to the entire university??

This bitter Sera still advised Lilian to rather go to Speke Road and vend here yoyo that side ,for Kyambogo needs real leaders not prostitutes! And also warned the entire university to vote wisely.

The accused, Lilian Namuyomba  responded to these allegations saying that it was cheap propaganda from her alleged attacker and;

“It’s so unfortunate that people are coming out at this time when am at the peak of the race to tarnish my name, I assure you that’s cheap propaganda,” Lilian calmly said.

When asked whether she has any personal differences with the Sera Sera lady, Lilian said she didn’t know this person who declared war on her but hopes to meet her sometime so that they can work things out.
“I’m here for peace and peace alone ” she said.

Lilian who by the time of the interview seemed not intimidated by all these words said she has been a leader all her school life and she has faced such challenges already and she Is ready to face more that are coming her way.
“I’m not moved at all, I’m still that one ‘man in a skirt’ like various people have been referring to me and let me use this trying time to inform the Kyambogo fraternity that I’m the reformer with results, ” she concluded.

courtesy of Campus bee


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