Shocking! Allegedly caught “making-out” at Campus Parking yard

Gossip reaching the lane has it that two souls  Alex and Alice (not real names) on the night of 6th November, 2016 were stunned by a passing by auxilliary police at University of Dar es salaam on his daily security routine.

It is believed he was quizzed by a car that appeared to be parked infront of Hall 6 parking yard. To clear his doubts, he approached the car and asked what was going on. The lady, Alice (not real names) revelled panic and attacked this police man unleashing tonnes of slaps on the innocent man.

Still in shock, the policeman had to calm this lady Alice in doing so, cuffed her. Upon hearing disturbing noises residents of Hall SIX confronted the situation, and the alleged couple claimed to be visiting a young sister of the girl.

Quite controversial how you can park a car at Hall Six, a gents-only hall of residence… and not at Hall Seven, the ladies-hall of residence’ parking which was quite empty.

The two have been accompanied to the auxilliary police post at UDSM. As narrated to the lane,we will keep you updated on the matter.