Should I RENT or stay at CHUO ? – Fresher

Now that Campus is here, the need and anxiety by freshers to leave home and GET FREEDOM is on the rise. I walk along Campus looking at the fine ladies pass by, one approaches me and asks me whether she should stay at home, rent or campus? A glare across my face, I stand puzzled with no reply; thats when I rushed to write this down.

Staying at Chuo has its advantages and disadvantages;

Why you should stay at Chuo;

The difference in costs.At UDSM it will cost you 110,000/= per semester that is 4 months while when you rent its 100,000 x 4 = 400,000/= putting electricity bills, water, food bills aside.

It is easier to get to know the timetable, the lecture halls and reach in time for the lectures.

It is easier to make friends rather than stay in isolation while renting. You’re surrounded by people your own age who are all in the same boat (suddenly independent, potentially homesick, but excited for a change).

Although you may not have the same interests, you live with each other and therefore have more opportunity to create strong friendships. Plus, when any chance to do something fun arises (going to the union bar, going out, or attending the freshers’ fair) it will be your housemates that you ask first.

There are cheap meals at Chuo say at UDSM and ARDHI, cafeteria meals are quite cheap compared to the expensive Survey Area meals.

You get to know around chuo quickly, form discussion groups, exchange ideas late into the night rather than worry about daladalas to your rental place.

It is easier to avoid wasting money on useless needs, say transport, electricity water bills, kid you dont have a family why incur such costs?

Why you should RENT and not stay at CHUO

Privacy. People have different habits and lifestyle. In a room at chuo you may find yourself sleeping with four different types of people. One is dirty, another is clean, one hates showering the smell can be awful and hated. Once you rent you will have to worry about yourself only.

You get to choose who to stay with. You can either stay alone or with a friend you know or trust. Unlike CHUO it is random allocation.

You do not have to worry about thieves. People do steal at CHUO. It is a fact. You cant trust anyone you let in your room at CHUO. Your roommates’ friends are the thieves. These people know what they are stealing and where to find it. Laptops and phones have been stolen in broad daylight. A certain Tom stole my phone while I had taken out the rubbish after sweeping. To date he is nowhere to be found.

The truth is that sometimes you may need alone time with your boyfriend or girlfriend, say after clubbing, reading or maybe just some alone time. At Chuo who will you chase “exile” out of the room to accommodate your girl late in the night? this is when you are drunk and wasted. but when renting; there are no worries.

Having given you a little insight on what to expect. The choice is yours. FRESHERS

Till next time,

Elder Brother