Simple ways to make your car cooler !

Hallow fellas! I understand that most of us University level students really like the feeling of standing out in the crowd. This might be in academics, fashion & lifestyle or maybe being a gadget geek. When speaking of car guys, the notion of standing out means what lies underneath the hood (jikoni) as they like to call it but this might cost you a couple of a thousand shillings to make your jiko stand out from other lads. Campuslane would like to share a few tips on easier but sexier ways of giving your car an extra look that will help you stand out from other car geeks, take notes.

Cool lights. Spending a little amount on car lights won’t hurt. Most recently, car headlights have been undergoing major overhauls which have led to the emergence of some very cute lights known as Angel Eyes. These type of lights are well known from their bright light but yet sexy appeal to any by passer who would see a car fixed with this type of lights. So if you have the cash, we suggest you go for the upgrade.

Car interior perfumes. We all hate that funny smell when we enter a friend’s car right, A mixture of food scraps, sweaty clothes, last night’s girls hair ribbons and so many other stuffs would sufficiently create a pungent smell in your car. So why not try being tidy enough to properly arrange personal effects and add a bottle of sweet scented perfumes in your car just to make the mood right?

Music system. Don’t get it twisted when we speak of a music system. Some university kids think having a banging music stereo in the car really makes them cool but on the contrary a very loud music from your car makes you look immature, unless you forgot you’re a university level student. A descent playlist in your car with a somewhat cool tuned sound and voice will do the trick. This will help you relax more in the car and pay much greater attention while on the road.

Cool Rims. Before entering in your car, people are at a first glance attracted to the exterior of your car. His might be because of your cars paint job, body kit or maybe the shinny cool rims. Rims might help when you leave your car on the parking lot and rush for a lecture. But in order to pick the correct set of rims, make sure you know the tire size of your car and also the colour code of your car because we all know it’s Christmas season but it doesn’t mean you have to show us Santa Claus is in Town basing on the different colours on your car.

Well lads, you don’t have to be rich in order to have a cool car, you just have to put abit of extra work on your current car and everything else will turn out just fine…all the best on making your car talk of your University. Till next time folks.