Snura’s CHURA leaves UDSM dudes begging for more.

On the way to the lecture, the talk of town ”Snura’s CHURA” couldn’t elude my ears as a bevy of moderately hot chics…(thats after a marathon of make-up) dressed in revealing attire, long enough to cover the cover the subject matter

but too short to arouse a man’s desires were sashying their behinds to the tunes of Chura.

Sources reveal that the UDSM lads, LLB in particular are not in consent with the controversial decision of banning the Chura video from media across town.IMG-20160504-WA0050

The hungry lads can not keep their balls in their pants as their tails are emotionaly yawning to rest on the lasses’ Churaz. It was revealed that one ” learned fresher” failed to get the courage to make his way out of the lecture room as his inner man ( second in command) was heavily loaded and ready to fire…….Ooopps!!!IMG-20160504-WA0036

It is also rumoured that the ”learned freshers” are in motion of identifying the CHURA QUEEN and this juicy competition is spear headed by……..( identity withheld).