Apply for Stanbic Bank Students’ Loans “MIKOPO” for Higher Education

Stanbic Bank Tanzania has announced its new offer to students seeking financial assistance for University education at a press conference. The offering comes at an opportune time when there is an overwhelming need to support large numbers of students wanting to pursue higher learning.

This significant move by the bank is illustrative of its commitment to developing human capital as underscored in the Second Five Year Development Plan (FYDII) as a pillar that is critical to the transformation of the economy into a middle-income country.

Speaking at the press conference, the bank’s Head of Personal Markets Lilian Mtali said, ‘as Stanbic Bank, we are excited to make a meaningful contribution towards fulfilling and empowering the dreams of prospective graduates through our Student Loan offer.

It is a flexible solution that allows parents to support their children’s higher learning needs by meeting their financial obligations for fees, books and accommodation.’

Parents or guardians will apply for the loans which have a quick turnaround time and offered at preferential terms and conditions.

Additionally, to nurture and instill a sense of independence and responsibility, future graduates will be offered a cost free transactional account to manage their financial affairs.

‘We want to support students in their journey to acquire knowledge and skills and at the same time support them in managing their personal finances.  Stanbic is a customer-centric bank that continues to offer tailor made solutions that meet the needs of our customers and enables them to succeed,’ said Ms. Mtali.

In order to get the loan, visit any Stanbic Bank outlet and apply for the loan.