Eat that Frog every Morning! – Steven Genya

The hustle and grind is quite the hard rock to lay a foundation. Steven Genya, despite all the hard toil of today’s world refuses to simply be ordinary. Steven has already worked with Vanessa Mdee, Rebecca Gyumi, Monalisa and many more as their photographer, created content for the big screen, produced shows, now at EFM radio as a presenter. Meeting this vibrant young man, Steven Genya had this to say about the grind.

Who is Steven Genya?
A young man, a leader, a mentor, a photographer talent developer and manager, public speaker entrepreneur and God fearing. CEO, Vijana Exclusive.

Too many titles! Bwana! What attributes to such a compelling character?

Well, not much but the fact that time is not a friend, I would like to see that all the available resources at hand, are put into good use.

Are you still studying? Looks like you have already made it in life.

Hahaha! Brother, I wish it were that easy, but education is key. I am a 3rd year student at Tumaini University Dar College (TUDARCo) pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication.

Quite the CV you are building! Aside the media franchise any other income generating activity?

An entrepreneur, full time photography, content developer and radio presenter.

What famous acts have you done before that have shaped your career?

Recently I have worked with Vanessa Mdee as her photographer, EFM radio as photographer, worked with VCCT to mention but a few… the list is endless.

Any kind words for the youth out there?

Its a competitive world we live in, many youth are seated waiting for jobs, we ought to stand up and fight, be creative and get out of our comfortable zones. EAT THE FROG EVERY MORNING!

Many are possibly wondering what the phrase Eat the frog means!

Hahaha! Its a book by Mark Twain. The basic idea is that if you do the worst thing on your plate first in the morning, the rest of the day is a cake walk. What any other worse thing could possibly happen after eating a live frog every morning ?

You had me right there! Folks, catch Steven on Instagram @stevengenya.

Thanks for your time, Steven. Keep up the hard work.