You wake up and start getting ready and BOOM !you have nothing to wear …!


Okay not only do you have more than 200 clothes, you have 20 handbags and more shoes than the number of your fingers … But why have you nothing to wear and are probably still buying clothes everyday .

BECAUSE YOU BUY TRASH … Easy as that …

As a young adult , it is wise to invest in good classic pieces that are going to save you the 30 minutes of everyday morning search for clothes to wear.

Good day ladies and  guys reading this for the ladies.So today we’re going to talk about on different things you can do to help yourself dress better. As people who always going out from  Monday to Friday you going to class, seminars, meetings and all that it’s really important to dress apropriatelly .

There two things you have to do right now like right now first is throw unfit clothes. I know you have a dress or a shirt which doesn’t fit you. Yes it’s really nice but it doesn’t fit so you either have to wear it and looks really weird or  you don’t even wear it . You should keep stuff like that away because they don’t really help you look good and while they  maybe expensive ,designer or really trendy but if it doesn’t fit you don’t fit it. You should throw it away or give it to somebody else.

The second thing is if something is old and worn out consider replacing that and if you buy second-hand clothes or bags or shoes then do not buy the wornout ones. what’s the point in doing that? Let us now talk about how to spice up your wardrobe. I’ll talk about investing in staple pieces .I think this is when you should start learning to buy quality clothing quality bags quality shoes .You should learn Quantity doesn’t always mean quality. so it’s better to have one watch  other than having Five Watches you can’t even wear with most clothes. Invest in pieces  that you can put together with almost everything in your in your closet, buy fitting clothes . If your guy most of the time your shoes should match your belt.

Here are some things to start with

Multipurpose handbag

A clutch

A wallet

Flats of a neutal colour

Multipurpose skirt or trouser (s)

A watch
Consider this as an investment .Bring a friend around when you go shopping so that they can advise you well . Less is more. Sexy doesnt mean showing all skin .When you’re putting on  chiffon blouse , wear a camisole underneath and Prepare your clothing the before night.

That’s it thank you so  much for reading . One last quesztion what is your opinion when it comes to wearing leggings to class? Let us know in the comments below. Aurevoir