Students and cars – should you take yours to university?

Heading off to university is an expensive venture and huge leap into the unknown, but is it best to face the future on four wheels or on foot?

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With financial circumstances differing from student to student, owning a car is unfeasible for many so you should get clued up on the costs of running a car. According to a survey, only 33% of students who drive take their car to university with them. But why is this? What are the pros and cons of driving in your university town?

Having a car at university has expanded the part-time employment opportunities available to college students. It has allowed them to take a flexible job as Uber drivers’ quite common phenomena nowadays.

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Here is what some students had to say about having cars while in college

“Personally, I don’t see the need to drive at university as everything is within walking distance. Living in a student area is extremely convenient as all amenities are a stone’s throw away”.

“As much as I like the idea of driving at university, the costs of maintaining a car are excessive. Even with my student loan and the income from my part time job, the hidden costs of being a driver have led to me not wanting to learn”.

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So, is having a car at university a do or a don’t?

Everyone’s circumstances are different and, as a student, you must look at a number of factors such as your finances, your proximity to local amenities and your distance to home when weighing up the decision to get a car.