STYLE! Hairstyles you should be into by now

Getting the right hair-do can seem to be exhausting especially if you are seeing different styles at the same time. I would advise you to go for styles you’re used to but taking risks is part of life. Step out of your bob braids comfort and opt for a spectacular weave. Here are some of the posh trendy hairstyles taking the canvass by storm.

Braids (old school)

You know how denim has lived with us, continued to live with us, and will forever live with us; that’s the same thing with braids. The braids your mama was into, the one’s that introduced us to Beyoncé’s Destiny’s child, those ones, they never get old. No matter the season or time, these bad boys are here to stay. They have always been my go to when I was short on money for a bombshell piece, or when I really had no idea what to plait, as is with many other girls. So rock your usual threes or twist, long or short, styled or not; just braid up if you need to.

Crotchet braids.


The braids taking no prisoners at the moment are the crochet braids. These braids have been a thing from 2015 but people are now just fully getting a feel of them. You can either twist them into the famous Senegalese ropes or just saw them onto your con rows if your hair tends to break much. Either twisted to braids or sewed onto your head, you are bound to look trendy and chic.


Kinky’s like the retro African hairstyle. It’s what you use to pull off dreadlocks and it’s tough texture is identical to our natural hair. There’s the hard and soft kinky, the soft being the popular one of late. You can curl up the tips of your kinky or burn them at the ends, anything to add flair. If your hair is the soft breakable kind, I would advise you to shy away from these semi-sisal ropes, they will devour your natural hair.

Curly weaves.

You have seen this hair style somewhere or everywhere, anyone with the shtick for fun and glam has rocked this one. This hair is known to our families abroad, those born out of intermarriages that result the prettiest baby with the most curly hair on earth. We Africans never take no for an answer, so you can sow this intermarriage right on top of your head. It’s a bit tricky this one so if you have more of around face, then go easy on the add ons otherwise you will look like Garfield (not in the cute way) if you have a slimmer face, then the sky is the limit. Either way everyone’s wins.

Short weave.


I think it’s clearly certified that Bettina from Be My Date is the queen of short pieces, this lady rocks this weave like no other. The marvelous aspect to this piece is that it’s short for starters, you never have to stress much with a hair brush, and then it’s perfection, one of the very best innovations from the weave world. This weave is so awesome in that some stylists can’t handle the pressure that comes with it. You have to pick the right stylist or face a result of a pale white boy in need of a hair cut.


I implore any girl with the understanding of the term trend to rock this one. The bob yes is a thing of the past, but Beyonce from the Beyonce album and Kerry Washington have gracefully rocked this look enough to validate its awesomeness. Bob is no longer just the jaw-length bob, the style has been revamped with the curly do taking centre stage. Ditch the six-inch mayhem and opt for this main-table, chic and adorable style.



We sadly all can’t wake up one day and decide to Amber Rose or Lupita Nyongo our heads, this hairstyle is remarkable for a few. In my opinion, the entire presentation from skin texture to outfits to poise help in pulling off this look. If your anything short of glamorous for the other part of the body then you seem like a high school girl with a metallic suitcase in tow somewhere. So I believe to go bold, is to go ballistic. Mediocre is never an option, something has to validate your option for no hair.

Ladies men will never fathom the work we put in to look this fresh. If he’s whispering sweet nothings, then he’s spending on your hair. Try out any of the above options and slay to perfection.