University Successful Applicants for Bachelor Degree Programmes 2017- 2018

The various list below entails various selections from various universities in Tanzania for the selected successful applicants.

Click the University name below to get the full list of successful applicants.


 Bachelor of Pharmacy

 Doctor of Medicine

BSc. Nursing

2. Muslim University of Morogoro

3. Sokoine University of Agriculture 

4. Water Institute – Chuo cha Maji 

5. Tumaini University Makumira 

6. Moshi Co-Operative University 

7. Jordan University Morogoro 

8. Ardhi University 

9. Institute of Finance Management – IFM

10. University of Dar es Salaam. 

11. Open University Tanzania.

12. University of Dodoma.

13. St John’s University 

14. The Institute of Accountancy Arusha