TCRA penalizes Clouds Tv for airing homosexuality issues

Homosexuality is considered unlawful and is not acceptable in the public eye. Just a misguided conception of nature, and undespicable desires by the few. The Tanzania Community regards it uncultured and same sex relationships have never been accepted in the community since they are not in accordance to the morals and culture upbringing of the nation. Tragedy and such shame befell  Clouds Tv, a popular youth network, after one of its shows, was declared uncultured and uncouth. Through news aired on Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) yesterday, the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) issued a statement condemning the airing of issues and matters concerning homosexuality or same sex relationships that were aired on June 28th on TakeOne a famous talk show hosted by Zamaradi Mketema where a reknown homesexual Kaoge was interviewed and this angered many Tanzanians due to the boastful WAYS of this uncouth fellow.


kaoge shoga
Kaoge the gay

TCRA punished Clouds Television Network and demanded that the station apologise for such ill- mannered showings to the public for five consecutive days. This apology is to be issued daily on the daily news hour at 19:30 and 23:00 and that this information be delivered to TCRA offices on Wednesday, 13th July, 2016 before 16:00.  The CEO, Mr Ruge Mutahaba has also issued a statement that his station shall continue pledging support to the morals of the nation and apprehend unlawful acts. “Anything that shall be uttered concerning such matters should be fought against with all our might without fear of none at all.”