Tesla Model X ” The Future Has Been Made Practical”

If you long for the daily sense of wonderment that can come from driving a futuristic pod that essentially does everything slightly differently from “normal” vehicles and if your SUV needs pretty much start and end with a high seating position and enough hood to distinguish you from the hordes of minivan drivers, then rest assured that a Model X 75D (or perhaps even a 60D) will absolutely deliver 90 percent of the everyday adventure you’d get from the top-performing Ludicrous models.

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Today we’re bringing you a bit of a run-down on some of the most noteworthy facts about the Tesla Model X, the worlds sexiest, fastest and high tech car.This vehicle is fast, it has far smarter doors than a, it’s safe to drive, there aren’t many of them on the road right now, and if you want one, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny.The following is a set of facts you’ll want to remember if you’re ever in a conversation where you need the essentials on Tesla’s Model X. This vehicle is currently delivering – ready to drive, on the road. You don’t want to be caught with your facts down.

Those Falcon Wing doors are smarter than a DeLorean

The most well-known set of gull-wing doors undoubtedly belongs to the DeLorean (think Back to the Future). They might be iconic, but they’re not especially space-friendly. The Tesla Model X uses “Falcon Wing” doors, with an extra hinge to allow you to open them up without smashing in to the vehicle to your left or right.

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Using a smartphone app or key fob, you can automatically summon the Tesla Model X back out of a garage or parking spot to make it easier to get into the SUV. The vehicle can only drive straight using this function.

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The Model X can accelerate, decelerate, and come to a complete stop autonomously, as well as change lanes automatically by simply engaging the turn signal with the available Autopilot system. However, it can’t automatically stop the vehicle for red lights.

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Ludicrous Speeds

The Model X boasts zero to 60 speeds in 3.8 seconds. However when the driver uses the “Ludicrous Speed Upgrade”, it becomes just that—ludicrous and can hit zero to 60 in 3.2 seconds. The top speed for the Model X is 155mph.

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It has no Engine on the Front

From the usual, we are used to a car having an engine on the font side of the car. Well, the Model X has no engine in the trunk but rather, an empty storage compartment known as a FRUNK.

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We hope to see some of these cars in the streets of Dar Es Salaam by the courtesy of the wealthy from 2019 because its when the first line of cars will be driving of the manufacturing floor at a ranging price of $130,000. Till next time fellas!