The Body suit ensemble with jeans is Lit

You have got to love fashion and all it’s evolutions. See that handkerchief you use to wipe your sweat or blow your nose, that could be the next hand-made Susen bag material. A bra is never just a bra now days, someone is somewhere brainstorming ways of turning it into a red carpet train dress…. how, I don’t know, that’s fashion for you.

So ladies you have all seen the body suit trend, right? Well for those that haven’t, it’s the pairing up of body suit with jeans or skirt; anything that hangs from your waist below works. A body suit is kinda like a swim suit, the material and fitting are both the same. A body suit could also be a one-piece lingerie suit. So basically with this ensemble, you have your upper body ensensuated by the upper body suit and down your typical denims. This will look like you paired a vest with jeans but see, vests don’t hold that body into place, these mamas do.

The beauty with this giver is that it’s multi-purpose. You can rock it as a formal attire and have it casual as well. You simply add a penso skirt on the bottom and your formal jacket on the top. Once that Friday evening strikes, ditch the jacket and blazer for a pair of smoking hot jeans and viola you are stunning.

As we all know,  Khloe Kardashian is the OG of body suits, she set a trend and we graciously followed. This look has been around a while but weirdly my campus mamas aren’t drawing towards it. This is my undying plea, get hooked already, the world went bonkers over it ages ago. Plus,  it’s undoubtedly one of the hottest trends now. Not just hot in terms of trending but hot in making you look like a Halley Berry from Cat woman. If your waist line is at most 30% awesome, this body suit will upgrade it to a good 80% guaranteed.

Get on with it ladies and make me proud ?