The Must Have Tools To Pass that Job Interview

African American woman taking an interview of a woman

Many are graduates, many looking to graduate and many hoping for their internships period to knock by the door. This time round the lane equpis you with the necessary tips to pass that interview. Before you walk in that room and come out with your low instead of high you ought to know this before you step in.

1. Aptitude Tests – I am quite sure you have heard alot about this fuss. What is an aptitude test? Well it is a test designed to determine a person’s ability in a particular skill or field of knowledge. Aptitudes can be quite tricky yet need to be attempted in a short period of time. wondering where you will find these tests? Worry not we have you covered click here to take the test. ILearn Aptitude Test

2. Curriculum Vitae –  A short, precise and concise Curriculum Vitae is key to impressing the human resources officer. Having  a well written CV is key! Dont know how to write one? The lane has got you – Follow this link to learn more How to write a CV

3. Confidence and Speech – A firm presentation and eye contact coupled with a firm handshake ought to earn you more points against your fellow interviewees. Presentations at Campus are a bit shaky  and you must have the full capabilities and confidence to face the interviewer. Public Speech tips and skills

4. Experience –  Its another added incentive that shall give you an edge over the other interviewees too.

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