The old school big puffy hair is back on trend

The 1970s are back in a storm and are being embraced by girls all over the University! Despite the endless efforts that are being done by the female residents of the current generation to prove that they have evolved better in their taste of fashion particularly hair, the odds have back stabbed as the ladies make a mad rush towards the 1970s puffy hair.

The big hair was the thing of the past before hair relaxers and lace wigs curved their way through. During the time, no one thought of it as something to be proud of considering the colonial oppression and racial segregation.

Many blacks tried to rid themselves of the shunned look by relaxing their hair and wearing synthetic wigs to mimic the look of the white ladies who were then considered the more civilized of the two races. Puffy big hair was considered dirty and disgusting by the white majority with sleek black and blonde hair.

But the trend proved its endurance as more and more people are now trying to get the big hair back even going as far as trying out the synthetic version of big hair with a natural appearance.

As a matter of fact, the trend has become so popular it is literally impossible to come by five girls without at least finding one or two amongst them with a big hair do.

The modern version of big puffy hair features all colors of the rainbow and more including shades of black, brown, red, grey, purple, snow white and even ombre. They also come in adjustable lengths from a natural looking low cut to a puffy young Michael Jackson pop do.

Although many female students have stated no clear reason as to why they are so deeply engraved into the new but obviously ancient trend, some have admitted to have found the beauty of big hair and have learned to embrace and find no shame in rocking the look.

Undoubtedly, this time around, the hair will surely have an ever lasting impact as it has even been featured in many weddings by natural brides who wear their hair natural and big.

Before anyone realizes it, this so called trend will no longer be called a trend but rather a tradition as it establishes its deeper and more permanent roots in our young community.

The old times when puffy big hair was the trend.

The modern synthetic puffy hair.