The right way to slay the ripped asymmetric cut jeans

Well we are all used to jeans as campusers because they are the most comfortable and easy-to-wear ensemble you can come up with. You can wear a Billie tee, camo shirt, oversized shirts and many others that I can’t really exhaust.

Well these ripped asymmetric cut jeans are the bomb especially if they’re high waist like mine. They’ll sit on your body just they way you want them to and the bottom also looks nice. You’re playful with the cut outs hence a win win situation for the bottom and top.
You can actually get these jeans at Mr Price, Splash and even at that downtown street. You could also just buy your high waist jeans and rip them which is pretty easy, plenty DIY’s on YouTube and WikiHow on how to do this.

Well for the sassy campusers who love embracing their playful side…this is the must have. There are jeans for boys too but just make sure not to look all roudy or like a junky…LOL. So if you don’t want to look like a junky(for the boys), you don’t have to include the asymmetric cuts since the rips are already there, you don’t want to overly expose those skinny legs(just kidding). Good thing is that these jeans are multi purpose, you can wear them to class especially on a day you want to hit the club so you just switch the shoes to heels then you are ready to go. But remember don’t wear these to St. Francis chapel or anyother you know.

If you crave more information on how to wear these…check out my blog ( on how I ensemble it with sequins which are more feminine than the more masculine Adidas I chose to wear them with.

Embrace your playful side otherwise you’ll be the lamest dresser anyone could ever meet on campus…just saying people.