The Top Ten Hottest Lady Freshers this year

As we come to the end of the year 2017 with our bellies still full of christmas delicacies and gargantuan appetites, the lane brings you ten hot beauties as a special edition instead of the customary WCW!

We close the year in fashion by taking a look at the hottest freshers to have joined campus this semester. Take a seat, pop the corn and enjoy the ride.

10. Nasra Solz

Definitely a beauty to start your top ten hotties to have joine campus this year. Nasra is pursuing Agriculture Economics at Sokoine University. She is the pudding to the pie.

9. Neema Urio

Petite, gentle, on point with her acute melanin not too dark not too light but just the perfect blend. She’s crazy, social and such a fun type yet blessed with volumes of brains. Neema is a fresher at Sokoine University of Agriculture Morogoro.

8. Janeth Richard

Ever heard the saying your course unit is useless if there are no pretty girls in it! Well the Business Administration Class at IFM definitely is not part of this category. Standing at a distance, one just mesmerises at the beauty of Janeth Richard.

7. Oppy

The instagram slay queen definitely had to make it to this list. With a curvy figure, a sight to freshen your mornings, she definitely is among the hottest freshers to watch out for. She is at University of Dar es Salaam pursuing a PSPA degree.

6. Scola Mziray

Only expensive and exotic wines have such names. Scola is a well moulded jewel with beauty that spawns from the heart to the skin. She’s a fashion magnet attracting the guys’ necks in lanes shes happens to cross. She is at United States International University.

5. Doreen Mwandunga

A lady like Doreen definitely had to make the list. Slaying is part of her DNA inscription but add brains to the mix and you get a complete and utter brave lady. She is pursuing a Law Degree at Tumaini university.

4. Jennifer

Pursuing a Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication at St Augustine University Mwanza, this fresher gives the guys in her class goosebumps as some dudes are believed to attend lectures just to catch a glimpse of the beauty queen.

3. Teckla Kayombo

This beauty queen reigns from Tumaini University pursuing a Bachelor of Laws at the campus. A height for the perfect lady, the lighting requiring no extra make up, definitely. No doubt she ll make the perfect lawyer.


1. Angeles Berrocal Kawiche

Another man’s meat is another man’s poison. This saying would not rhyme to this beauty as she definitely is every man’s meat. Her skin complexion leaves a lot to admire and more to the imagination. She deservedly is the hottest fresher to join Campus this year. She is pursuing an engineering course at UDSM.