These Careers Face a risk of Unemployment! Is your Course among?

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As we are matching into an agitated world of technology and industrialization, so does the high risk of unemployment in today’s world. Many students are pursuing careers and courses at University that in reality face a high risk of unemployment due to the concentrated and saturated job seekers in the market than creators.

According to a research done by Nesta, By 2030, one-tenth of the workforce in an occupation are likely to grow while one-fifth are likely to shrink. Machines are replacing jobs while this is good news for employers because machines won’t call in sick or ask for a time off. The future of jobs strongly relies on broad-based knowledge and more specialized occupations.

1. Accountants and Bookkeepers

These are the inteligent math geeks of auditing and goddesses of subduing fraud in various organisations. But in recent times, software such as QuickBooks and Quill are reducing the number of accountants in offices.  Their rise is changing the traditional role of the accountant, business owners are less reliant for advice.

2. Computer software geeks

These have been extinct for a while now, with many videos and learning tutorials on Youtube, Google, Vimeo, Instagram and many other sites, showing how to go about a problem in relatedness to computer, many of these people’s services are declining to consultation gigs.

3. Marketing and Sales Representatives

With the growth of digital marketing ie email marketing and social media marketing, the common salesman job is declining as social media reach out is growing at fast rate in relation to the expenses a company would cover in hiring sales experts to push its message. Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Youtube Ads, Google Ads, Twitter Ads to mention but a few are surely killing it for the sales reps.

4. Interpreters and Translators

With growing waves of aided tools that translate, the need for interpreters and translators is slowly disappearing. Apps, plugins and even mobile devices that translate are becoming more common and more practical in everyday life. This goes to show that one day hiring an interpreter or translator may be a decision not worth making.

5. Data Entry Workers

The amount of data has been growing lately, there is less need for a person to transfer or manipulate data. All of this can be done automatically by new technology such as barcode scanners, image recognition and voice-recognition software. To reduce costs, companies are doing away with the hiring of data entry individuals and relying on automation instead.

 6. Travel agents

The information age has brought the rise of sites like Airbnb, TravelStart and the likes. These sites are killing the need for travel agents. Lately, it is possible to go on a trip or organize a huge trip without using a travel agent. There was a time when trips or booking flights needed agents. This information age has allowed people to experience booking flights, hotels or hire a car by just using the internet

7. Delivery and Taxi Drivers

Though it doesnt require ultimate study of three years seated in a boring lecture this is a basic bread earner to the many in Tanzania. Daladalas might be no more, with the Mwendokasi already in Dar es Salaam, the standard gauge railway under construction and with growing innovations in the vehicle industry, over time driverless cars are the future and drone delivery is already a thing.

Companies like Waymo are already testing driverless cars. Experts predict this as a trend, driverless cars will become our taxis cars. As for delivery services, drones are now used to deliver items when needed. Zipline announced its launch in Tanzania, a service that provides emergency on-demand access to critical and life-saving medicines.

Till then. Enjoy your career while it still lasts.