These simple Business ideas ought to make you good money at Campus

Often times campus students have failed to actually realize the many business opportunities that are in there reach which they could possibly and make a fortune out of. Before you make a fuss and blame the government  for  the rampant unemployment , take some time and research, see what’s existing and how best you could add onto that to make it easier, better, safer or cheaper.

Here are a few tips on the few ventures you could take up while at campus.

Stationery and printer services.
You can decide to venture in offering printing services and selling of various scholastics that might be needed by students, bringing these materials closer to them in their hostel vicinities might be a good competitive advantage for you since it soothes them from the trouble of trekking miles just to access these services or if it means doing mobile sales in lecture rooms well and good after all it pays.

Research consultancy. You will agree with me that most students find hard time beating their course work deadlines, if you’re a focused chap you might take advantage of this. Simply approach those that might need help, compile their coursework, write their reports and research proposals and bam you will be earning.

Delivery services.
While at campus one can decide to venture in doing “I deliver it” services. You can deliver food stuffs, beers and anything that has been ordered by students at their various hostels while charging a small delivery fee and who knows you could be the next big name in deliveries around town.

Cooking services
Have you looked into a possibility of you doing some cooking for those that may be lazy to do it themselves? As your friends maybe sleeping off that hangover from last night’s party  or are they staging a party and in need of catering services, if you’re  good at boiling things this can be a viable and feasible venture for you .

Hostel guide and dealings.
Now that it’s a new academic year there are many fresh students in search for accommodation. If you’ve been around for a year or two and you are well versed with all corners with good hostels and rentals you could work as a hostel guide and a broker and people will have to pay for this service.

Organizing students trips and parties.
If you’ve been to university or any institute, you know how kids love “massappe”. If you can organize that house party, trip, boat cruise and assure the boys that babes, music, booze will be present, before you realize you will be the next Salaam and you will be making uncountable monies.

You don’t need so much equipment to start up on photography, even your very good phone you can take good photos, but if you can access the very good equipment well and good.  Go ahead and lobby for all those birthday party gigs, passport photos and any events and you will be earning.

Previously this has been taken up by ladies only, which is a good thing. but gents do you know you can make good ushers too , simply form a team however few you may be just set a brand , be organized and  a smart team and  lobby for the good ushering gigs especially those university events and money will fall on  you .

Laundry services
If you’re disturbed by the term “laundry” let’s call it washing. Putting your broke dignity aside, did you know you can make good dimes out of washing fellow student’s clothes. Go for it and thank me later.

Selling trendy outfits cheaply

Youths and fashion are inseparable. Simply look out and master the latest fashion trends the shoes, tops, pants, sweaters and bring them closer to your classmates, hostel mates at a relatively cheaper price and you will be earning.

Saloon and cosmetics
Ladies will second me here, this is the best business idea one can think of venturing in while at campus. If you can twist anyone’s hair then you will be earning here, additionally if you can provide the eyeliners and the skin moisturizers cheaply, ladies around campus will flock to your yard. Borrow a leaf from Senoritah Glamour..

Electronics dealings
All students own appliances, think of selling a music system, a charger, a water heater or repairing them. You will be having a lot of work that you will need to hire more people to give you a hand.

With those few business tips we are going to beat this unemployment plus stay tuned we are shall be bringing you more tips.