We all have that dream of having a car while still in University or rather as soon as we are done with University life I bet. We see people going back and forth on a daily basis and that wish grows even stronger as days go on. As a dream of every student, we decided to summarize a few hints that will help you when you are ready to purchase your own car either from the dealer shop or from anyone having his/her car for sale.

  1. Check the car engine thoroughly before emptying your pocket for a car. Most cars before being sold are usually spray painted, polished and given a few twicks which make the car look kind of new, but the engine usually might remain pretty damaged thus incurring extra pennies for fixing.
  2. Be sure to have a clear if not precise history of the car (when buying from a fellow). This includes information on matters like any history of the car being part of an accident, checking the distance ever covered by the car and so on.
  3. Always test drive the car. This is essential because you need to spend time behind the wheel of the car you are thinking of buying. This allows you to have an idea of how the car responds to you as a driver.
  4. Do not hesitate to negotiate. This is because the sticker price is not usually the final cost. A used car dealer might be willing to negotiate abit but be sure to make the first move to create a room for negotiations.
  5. Know your tastes and preference on a car. Before you even get started, you should have an idea of what car you really want and what you prefer to have in a car. This is a key element because it enables you to properly select the type of car you want and not purchase due to peer influence and pressure.

Well, there you have it campusers, We surely hope the afore mentioned tips will be of good use to those thinking of buying a car sooner or later. Make a wise choice that you wont have to regret with your purchase, Adios! Until next week.