Top 5 Must Have Requirements for This New Semester


Starting a new semester can be something stressful since it involves a lot of requirements which need a lot of money in order to pimp up your room. So today am going to list down for you 5 top must have items you may need this semester.

  1. A hoofer/ speakers there can be these boring weekends when you are so tired and need something to freshen you up but then there is nothing as good as nice music to soothe your day and therefore a woofer can be a good choice.
  2. A screen/ TV if you don’t have a laptop, this can be a good option since you will be able to enjoy your weekends by watching the latest movies and series that come out and also entertain yourself when you’re bored.
  3. A reading table Tired of going to school to read every evening? Having a reading table can be a good option to save you from going to read every day since you will be able to find time and read from you’re hostel.
  4. Food Surprised? Yes, I mean food and by this let’s talk of learning how to cook some dishes and store as much food as possible to save you from the brokenness your buddies go through. This can help you when you are broke and cannot even afford to buy Rolex from outside.
  5. A percolator/water heater IF you are someone who likes taking tea every morning and evening, this can be a good option for you rather waking up in the morning and disturbing your neighbours to help you with hot water to take tea.