Top Seven Mistakes Guys make while approaching Ladies

To most men, approaching a lady is a walk in the park. Little do they know that it is usually a quagmire especially since they tend to assume that what one does not know will not hurt them. On the flip side, however, while approaching ladies, most men usually make tons of mistakes that result to everything going south. Below are major ones;

  1. To Think Twice

I am almost sure that most of you must be thinking, “Did she mean ‘to not think twice?” No! My statement is right that way. Apparently, am told that when a guy want to approach a lady, he should not have any second thought lest he messes up everything and end up punching himself hard on the stomach that night.

  1. Failing to Exude Confidence.

There is nothing sexier than a guy who puts on confidence on his sleeve. Nothing pisses off a lady more than a guy who fails to maintain eye contact while communicating to the lady or a guy who tends to get sweaty and fidgety when he is trying to confront a lady. Lack of confidence is also noticed in cases where the guy becomes indecisive and passive about everything.

  1. Judging A Lady’s Beauty By Her Physical Appearance.

Do not quote me wrong but this is where a large chunk of men find themselves trapped in. To most men ‘pretty’ relates to a pretty face, a lighter skin tone and a fat behind. Period! Everything else does not matter. However, men should be keen to realize that whatever trapped in their definition of pretty could be nothing short of poison and more.

  1. Invasion of a Lady’s Space.

As a lady, I usually get pissed off when a new guy invades my body space in the sense that he gets touchy without my consent, for instance long hugs. Yes, we enjoy hugs, and yes, we love being cuddled, but for heaven’s sake you do not have to hug me till kingdom come for me to like you.

I barely know you, so please, maintain some distance. Enclosed in the same bracket is the issue about personal space. As a man, you are not entitled to know everything about me in a blink of an eye, plus I am not even comfortable spitting everything about me to a stranger. Do away with questions like,’ how is your boyfriend?’ They do nothing but lengthen the distance between us.

  1. Self Disqualification.

Most guys tend to have the habit of being not so sure of what they want to say. This happens when a guy wants to state something to a lady but at the same time he makes his point look inferior. Such statements are like, ‘I know that you are pretty but I don’t think you may give a guy like I a chance.’ A lady reciprocates the same statement in this way, ‘ you think that I am overqualified for you and so you do not think you can compete with me. Boy, bye!’

  1. Cliché Conversations;

Ladies usually hate it when guys ask questions whose answers are pretty obvious. It makes them believe that all that man wants to do is waste her time. Questions like, ‘how was your night’ or ‘how did you know that you are pretty?’ need to be left behind.

7. Listing One’s Resume;

Whoever told guys that for them to win a girl over; they need to state all their qualifications in the first few minutes of meeting lied to them real hard. Ladies are not interested in where you work or how much you earn or which car you drive. They need to know you as a person first. Everything else can wait.

Written by Okwaras Raisa