Top Ten Types of Campusers on Instagram

Instagram, just like any other social media platform, has been able to bring together different personalities all around the world. By this, the users tend to portray their varying prowess in one thing or another. When I decided to go through most handles of campus students on Instagram, I came up with 10 broad classifications of campus babes you are likely to meet on Instagram;

1. The selfie addict

You will find his or her page full of selfies that look the same. The person never gets tired of uploading selfies however irritating the repetition may seem.

2. The memegrapher

His page is full of memes; mostly about slay queens or politics. You may never see his face; I guarantee you this. They usually have a large following and people usually wait for them to post so that they laugh their hearts out.

3. The supermodel

This one is usually going for professional shoots just so he/ she can come on Instagram to showcase his/her edgy, professional look. You wonder where they always get the time and money to for professional photo shoots and make up and to also appear in designer outfits.

4. The poet.
She is always posting beautiful poetic captions or poems. Her photos are also usually taken from a poetic angle and it usually has a poetic message behind.

5. The rich kid
This one is usually travelling around the globe, going to expensive places and buying designer stuff. They don’t do the normal ‘mama mboga’ grocery shopping. Instead, they go to high-end restaurants where they spill money on meals that you and I can’t pronounce. Also, they have their own personal drivers who drop them to school and drive them to wherever they want to go. They are always on vacation and using designer make-up and this leaves most wondering where they went wrong.

6. The club-holic.
For the ladies, she is always smoking sheesha or taking alcohol in a different club each day. To her, every day is a partying day and so she has a broad collection of skimpy outfits to grace the parties with. For the guy, he is usually posting pictures of a table full of different brands of alcohol. The bill is enough to take you through the entire month, but yet again, is it your problem?

7. The fit fam


This one is usually on a fitness journey, year in year out. She hits the gym, lifting heavy weights and doing weird squats and at the same time she watches her diet. For the guy, he is usually killing himself with heavy weights on his shoulders, yelling words like ‘shoulder day’ or ‘leg day’. Others are always on the treadmill. I mean, why are you running yet no one is chasing you? Anyway, you cannot work out and fail to post a picture of the same on Instagram, can you?

8. The foodie.

She is always gracing your timeline with every food she takes. When you go out with her, however hungry you are, you will have to wait for her to take her sweet time taking all angles of the meal before your stomach can be blessed.

9. The hash tagger.
He/she is usually an irrelevant bunch of hash tag below each post. I wonder if there is anyone who ever gets time to go through all the hash tags.

10. The photographer

He/she has a creative eye and is always taking and posting pictures of flowers or sunsets. They have a unique ways of taking any ordinary image to the next level.

by Raisa Okwaras

Have you spotted yourself? Which Instagram user are you? If you have more, feel free to comment.