TRAGEDY! Tumaini University Student robbed and cut with PANGAS!


This past week has been a tragedy for one of our dear elite campusers, Queen Nazil who was attacked beaten and cut with pangas on the head by robbers. The incident is said to have happened in the wee hours of the night.

It’s terrible! Queen Nazil a third year Law Student at Tumaini University Dar es Salaam, who competed for Miss Tanzania 2016 coming from Ilala in Dar, recently suffered a tragedy after being attacked by men armed with pangas who cut her body leaving grave wounds and then went ahead and stole her belongings.   A close friend to Queen, who requested her name stay anonymous said, that the incident occurred on the eve of last weekend along Mwenge-Mpakani area when she was returning from her daily activities.

Her friend had dropped her, after the goodbyes and the friend departing, as she stood by the gate waiting for it to be opened, a boda boda passed by with two men who stole her purse. Since the bag contained an iphone 6, 200,000/= and other valuable items, Queen tried to fight back to get her purse, this was when one of the robbers cut with the panga on the head; sustaining serious head injuries, fell down in utter pain,” the source claimed.

the beauty queen Nazil

Luckily enough, good Samaritans showed up in time to save her, and she was taken to hospital where she continues to be rehabilitated after this traumatic event. Upon realisation that Queen was a third year law student  from Tumaini, contact was sought for the Information Minister at the Campus, Hon. Grey Paul who acknowledged Queen being a student at the University and admitted that the incident did occur. Grey in consensually agreed to the above mentioned story.

sustained head injuries

Search and contact for Queen’s phone number were futile, and the trusted friend declined to give further details about the whereabouts of Queen, but all in all she is fine and recovering well in hospital. Please as a plea from the lane Team always watch out for your friends and avoid being alone in arease with minimal security.

We wish Queen a quick recovery.

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