Transferred students from St Joseph University to UDOM to repeat a year!

Ministry of Education, Science and Technology asked the students of St. Joseph who were transferred at the University of Dodoma repeatedly in what was discovered that they did not have the skills and knowledge as per required levels. The ministry also said that those who boycotted the decision will be required to return to their homes. Speaking to journalists yesterday in Dar es Salaam, at a meeting of the Tanzania Commission for Universities TCU, Minister of Education, Science and Technology Prof. Ndalichako Joyce said, the students shall repeat a year since after being tested and being found out that they have a lower academic capacity in comparison to the college standards so the point of asking them to repeat a year is a second chance for them.


Prof. Ndalichako said, for now the ministry is preparing a report to colleges that are below the required academic standards which she said only upon completion of the report, will be released and that those students who have their respective universities closed for not meeting the criteria, must be tested qualitatively to find students who will meet the criteria for market labor.

In addition, Prof. Ndalichako has issued a warning to students who have forged various documents, including the deaths of their parents or illness and succeed to get a loan for higher education through the illusion that the ministry conducts verification occasions when they found strong action will be taken against them.