UDSM fresher takes the whole fashion thing to another level.

It looks like the 2016/17 intake in the Tanzanian universities is based more on comedians rather than serious students.Each day that passes by is filled with comic scenes ranging from one fresher reporting with iron sheets for a suitcase.The recent one has been one student known as Juma who pulled it off in dungarees so tight that one could easily tell he had difficulty in breathing….Lol…..


What beat  our understanding is how he comfortably mingled with the rest of the freshers as they picked up their admission forms from the University of Dar es Salaam taking photos from the different venues.The sight of Juma on campus did not go well among most dudes who were left in disgust,with most of them doubting his sexuality.Campuslane will surely trace Juma and tell you his motive for dressing up like this.Keep trailing us.