Shocking! Freshers report to UDSM

Many of us are heading into Campus, Freshers at University of Dar es Salaam have reported today in large numbers and these observations were made. To some it was a disappointment but with time the lane is here to help you.

The Dont’s you should avoid. You are a grown up! Be Classy!

This observation was made by one of the esteemed readers of the lane while freshers reported at UDSM.

1. Many reported with trunks (metallic suitcases) and large school bags like they were heading for morning preps in secondary.

2. Many have reported with large 4 quire counter books. At Chuo you may spend the whole semester without writing a thing.

Notes are usually shared on your phone mostly using telegram App. Start downloading it.

3. Some didnt know the location of UDSM with many seen at Mlimani City thinking that is UDSM. It costs you nothing to ask for directions.

4. Some were told dala dalas to Chuo are at Ubungo. Many were then seen at Stand ya Mabasi ya Mkoa hoping to board a dala dala to Chuo. Guys daladalas to Chuo are at Mawasiliano.

5. Its sad but some came in their high school uniforms! Seriously! It is not like we are heading for assembly after registration. Ask!

These are some of the observations made by one of our esteemed readers. Dear Freshers out there heading to Chuo baadae.

Avoid looking confused and out of place. Do not be afraid to ask where stranded. The lane is here to help.

Continuing students are here to help too. Till then I am watching you.